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Flat panel solar energy breaks through the installation limitation of high-rise residential buildings
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Recently, Tianjin promulgated the "Tianjin Residential Building Energy Conservation Design Standard" which requires solar water heaters to be installed in residential buildings below 12 floors from July 1. It is understood that Tianjin is not the first city to formulate similar policies. Beijing has implemented relevant policies since January 1 this year, requiring the installation of solar hot water systems in residential buildings. Xi'an is also from March 1, all new, rebuilt and expanded civil buildings must adopt solar water heating system, and with the building unified planning, synchronous design, synchronous construction, synchronous acceptance. Whether it is the increasingly tense energy environment or the implementation of the concept of sustainable development of energy conservation and emission reduction, it reminds people that energy conservation is very important in today's society. Industry insiders said that solar energy "into the city" conforms to the trend of green eco-city construction, and is also the needs of the majority of urban residents, but to occupy a stable market position, the key is to meet the needs of urban users.

"After moving into the new building, the solar water heater used to be useless. Let's see if there's any solar energy that can be installed on tall buildings. The reporter met Ms. Zhou who came to buy solar energy during her visit to the solar energy monopoly store. She told the reporter about her distress when she used solar energy. According to a person in charge of the monopoly store, there are many inconveniences in the installation of traditional solar water heaters in high-rise buildings in cities, and they are not convenient to use, which makes many urban residents hesitate to use solar energy.

At the same time, the reporter found in the interview, water tank, collector can be separated, installed in different places flat solar energy more attention by consumers, innovative split design is still very popular. Industry insiders analysis, split flat solar energy is highly respected by urban residents, because the original split design of flat solar energy makes solar energy look like part of the overall building, not only to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the building, but also more convenient to use. It not only solves the problem that solar energy is difficult to enter the city, but also satisfies the desire of urban residents to use solar energy.

"This flat panel solar energy is good, the collector can be hung on the balcony, beautiful and practical, water tank can be installed indoors and outdoors, installed upstairs is certainly no problem." After comparing several solar water heaters repeatedly, Ms. Zhou finally bought a Haier flat panel solar energy after bargaining with the sales staff. "This flat panel solar water heater's Titanium-gold-blue light concentrating technology and patented 360-degree heat transfer technology make the collector's heating efficiency up to 78% and realize 3D cycle three-dimensional heating, which can create a comfortable experience of bathing at constant temperature for users." The salesman said.

According to the industry survey data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, Haier flat panel solar energy ranked first in China in 2012 with 12.92% sales market share. In view of this situation, industry authorities believe that the construction of green energy-saving communities in China has promoted the development of the solar energy industry, but to win market attention and satisfy consumers, it is necessary to innovate centered on consumers'needs. Household e-commerce must adhere to user-centered, thoroughly solve the problem of solar installation constraints in urban buildings in order to show the style of leading the market. (Xi'an Evening News)

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