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Utilization of Solar Energy in Energy-saving Buildings in Some Countries of the World
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As a kind of sustainable clean energy, solar energy is widely used all over the world. There are also solar energy in energy-saving buildings. This kind of clean energy is attracting more and more attention from all over the world. Following is an introduction to the current situation of solar energy utilization in major countries in the world:

I. Utilization of Solar Energy in American Buildings

In order to reduce energy consumption, reduce pollution and adjust energy structure, the "Million Solar Roof Project" is the largest and realizable project. One million roofs or other possible parts of buildings are equipped with solar energy systems, including solar photovoltaic power generation systems, solar hot water systems and solar air heating systems. Millions of roofs are planned to produce the equivalent of two to three coal-fired power plants, not only to meet the building's own electricity needs, but also to sell electricity generated by solar energy in some places.

II. Utilization of Solar Energy in Japanese Buildings

In Japan, ordinary residential areas attach great importance to energy conservation, and solar energy utilization is relatively common. In terms of power saving, solar energy is widely used in residential quarters in Japan, which mostly belongs to passive solar house system. Solar energy is collected efficiently through roof solar panels, and hot (cold) air is automatically fed into the room according to the needs of the room through its own solar cell automatic control system, while hot water can be supplied.

III. Utilization of Solar Energy in European Buildings

In some European countries, heat pumps and solar collectors are commonly combined to operate, which can solve the problems of low water temperature, short utilization time and poor economy in solar heating in winter.

German architects have designed and built a sunflower-style revolving house. It is equipped with an infrared tracker like a radar. As soon as the day breaks, the motor on the house starts to start, making the house rotate slowly against the sun, keeping the best angle with the sun, so that the sun shines into the house to the maximum extent. At night, the house was slowly reset unconsciously. This kind of building can make full use of solar energy, ensure daily heating and electricity, and store light energy for rainy days and nights. (China Intelligent Electrical Network)

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